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Our history

The history of South West Sydney Dermatology starts in 1999 when Dr Phillip Artemi and his wife Tina Aspres (Pharmacist) commenced a solo Dermatology Practice at 17 Goulburn Street, Liverpool, delivering traditional Specialist Medical and Surgical Dermatology care to patients referred from their local General Practitioner.

By delivering friendly quality service and care, the Practice has grown from just under 2000 patients in its first year to over 60,000 patients in 2016, and now includes a full time Associate Dermatologist (Dr Nicholas Aspres), Skin Pharmacist and Cosmetic Chemist (Tina Aspres), Specialist Receptionists, Dermatologic Nurses, Pharmacy and Dispensing Assistants, Specialist Cosmetic Dermatology Nurse and Beauty Therapist.

In 2014, Phillip and Tina saw a need and desire for not only Specialist Medical and Surgical Dermatology Services but for one stop complete Specialist Skin Care also encompassing pathology, cosmetic dermatology, skin care advice, skin Pharmacy, clinical research and well formulated scientifically proven skin care products. With their combined skills in Dermatology, Skin and Laser Surgery, Pharmacy, and Cosmetic Science they were well placed to design and create the state of the art facility at South West Sydney Dermatology which maintains the ongoing Specialist Dermatology GP referred services, whilst adding Specialist Cosmetic Dermatology (The PHI Clinic), Specialist skin care and compounded medicines (The Skin Pharmacy) and Research and Development to deliver the most advanced range of skin care products to patients and clients

Our patients

Our patients range from newborn babies to the elderly and include all skin types from very fair to black skin.

Whilst the majority of our patients come from the many suburbs of Greater Western Sydney our expertise also assists many people from the North, East and South of Sydney

Our patients and clients are the core of our business, and as such, remain central to our mission of continued delivery of friendly, caring and effective services whether treating a skin problem, removing a skin lesion, giving skin care advice or delivering a cosmetic procedure.

Our mission

Southwest Sydney Dermatology’s mission is to help our patients and clients achieve the best possible skin through science, expertise, innovation and education, at all times ensuring and delivering a superior patient/client experience through our caring professional staff.

What we do?

South West Sydney Dermatology (SWSD) encompasses The Skin Pharmacy, The PHI Clinic and Dermal Research Laboratories.

At Southwest Sydney Dermatology we provide the following products and services to our patients:

  • Diagnosis and treatment of all skin, nail and hair disorders
  • Specialist management of acne and disorders of pigmentation
  • A full range of Cosmetic Dermatology Services
  • Dermatologic Surgery (including Mohs Microscopic Surgery) for the treatment of all benign and malignant skin lesions
  • Photodynamic therapy
  • Laser Surgery
  • State of the art operating room facilities
  • On site pathology
  • The latest technology advanced diagnostic and treatment tools

At The Skin Pharmacy we provide the following products and services to our patients and clients:

  • Friendly advice on all aspects of topical and oral skin care
  • Compounded formulations
  • Skin care solutions for all skin types and skin disorders
  • A computerised skin health check
  • A full range of acne and anti-ageing solutions
  • Customised skin care

At The PHI Clinic we provide the following products and services to our patients and clients:

  • Comprehensive computerised skin analysis
  • Scientifically proven skin care solutions
  • Laser treatment of unsightly pigmentation, broken capillaries, poor complexion and wrinkles
  • Treatment of scarring, including acne scarring
  • A full range of injectable solutions for facial volume loss
  • Muscle relaxant injections
  • A range of rejuvenation treatments such as microhydrobrasion, needling, microlaser peel and Forever Young BBL

At Dermal Research Laboratories we provide the following services to our patients/clients:

  • Clinical trials to review and develop the latest and most effective treatments in Dermatology
  • Research and development of active cosmeceuticals
  • Unique topical formulations to combat acne, pigmentation problems, wrinkles and photoageing

Our Dermatologists

Our Skin Pharmacist